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Our Studies




At Szkoła Broni, our methodology is rooted in a combination of historical research and practical application, drawing from renowned sources such as Richard Marsden, Jerzy Miklaszewski of Silkfencing, and Bartosz Sieniawski of Sieniawski Fencing. Our approach to training in Polish Saber is designed to be comprehensive, dynamic, and engaging, catering to practitioners of all levels of experience.

Training Structure


  • Calisthenics: We incorporate a significant focus on calisthenics and conditioning during instruction to improve strength, flexibility, and overall physical fitness, essential for effective swordsmanship.

  • Lessons: Class time is dedicated to learning proper footwork, weapon handling, guards, parries, and various other essential skills and techniques through structured lessons led by experienced instructors.

  • Drills: We incorporate a variety of drills, both solo and paired, to develop fundamental techniques, footwork, timing, and tactical understanding.

Practical Application

  • Palcaty: We utilize the "Palcat" (Pal-saht) or more commonly known in English as the Singlestick for various forms of training ranging from specific drillwork to structured sparring.

  • Sparring: We engage in both structured and free-form sparring sessions to apply learned techniques under controlled conditions and pressure-test concepts in real-time.

  • Test Cutting: Occasionally, we practice test cutting with live sabers (or blunts with clay) to refine edge alignment and understand the dynamics of cutting with precision.

Study, Research, and Understanding

  • Historical Context: We delve into the history and culture of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth during the 16th and 17th centuries to gain insights into the socio-political context in which Polish Saber was practiced, fostering a deeper understanding of the art and its practical applications.

Class Structure

Our classes typically follow a structured format, beginning with a warm-up and conditioning incorporating calisthenics, followed by instruction, and concluding with sparring or other practical application sessions. Throughout the class, instructors provide individualized feedback and guidance to ensure each practitioner progresses effectively.

Join us at Szkoła Broni to get started with learning the Art of the Saber.

The Tools of our Trade


At Szkola Broni, we make use of a variety of training tools on a regular basis, however our most common tools of the trade are the singlestick (Palcat in Polish), synthetic wasters, steel sparring swords, and occasionally sharp sabers for cutting practice.

We recommend to all of our membership to acquire their own synthetic and steel swords, however the club does keep on hand a selection of loaner synthetics for new members to utilize while they gather their own equipment.

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