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About Us

At Szkoła Broni, we practice and teach the Art of Arms of the 17th Century Polish Warrior with a heavy focus on the Szabla, or saber.


We study not only the history of the Polish Saber but the practical application of it as a martial tool. As such, we are not only a historically-minded group but also a hard-training and hard-fighting martial arts club who train with our weapons as if our lives depended upon them.


We believe that only with a balance between application and study, can we properly recreate not only the beauty and elegance of the art of Polish swordsmanship in the 17th century, but also highly efficient and devastating application of it in practice.

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What is HEMA?

HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts.


What does Szkoła Broni Mean?

Szkoła Broni (Shkowa Bro-nee) means School of Arms in Polish and was chosen


Do I need prior Martial arts experience?

Absolutely not. Our members come from all walks of life and all experience levels.

While having some martial arts experience can be helpful, it is in no way required and can even be a form of hindrance in some aspects.


How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is a relatively simple and straight forward process.


Simply start by contacting us with your interest in joining via our Contact page.


What does it cost?

Like with any hobby, costs can vary wildly and you can invest as much or as little above club fees and basic equipment as you like.

For membership pricing, see our Membership page. Speak with an Instructor for recommended additional equipment.




What do I need to start?

New members require only basic gym clothing and a willingness to learn.


We provide training equipment for you to utilize as you begin your journey with us.

As you grow with us, you can start purchasing your own gear.


Is there a minimum age?

All members of the club must be 18 years old as a minimum prior to their membership.

We are working on branching out into youth programs but do not offer such at this time.


Is there an introductory course?

Your first lesson with the club serves as both a foundation into the world of HEMA as well as into Polish Saber. It is also entirely free of charge!


Do I need to be in shape?

While you do not need to be in peak physical shape to partake in lessons and other activities at the club, this can be a somewhat physically demanding hobby.

That said, with calisthenics being a large part of our training, you will  grow fitter naturally over the course of your time at the club.


Are there competitions?

HEMA boasts several competitions around the country and globe which are possibilities to attend.

While we do not, at this time, specifically attend any particular competition - the future is wide open for members to do so and members are able to earn merits for their performance at them!

Club Ranks


The rank of Novice denotes a new member to the club.

This member is just beginning their journey and nothing is expected of them but a willingness and eagerness to learn, train, and grow.

Our Instructors


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Kevin Malseed

Head Instructor

HEMA practitioner for 6 years

Polish Saber
Arming Sword

Rapier and Dagger
Sword and Shield

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